Game AI: Artificial Intelligence for Games

We have applied genetic algorithms and neural networks to gaming with tremendous success. For Fantasy Football Draft we produced the world's first artificial intelligence for fantasy football General Manager (GM). "eGM" (aka RoboCoach) can evaluate virtually infinite strategy possibilities and choose the optimal strategy in a matter of seconds.

  • For example, a fantasy league management provider hosts several thousand leagues, each league has about ten teams, each team has about fifteen players and each of those players can be traded to teams within their league. Given that, the number of possible trades is virtually infinite. Using genetic algorithms and neural networks, RoboCoach is able to search the near infinite solution space and find the best dozen or so trades for each team.
  • Another example, leagues sometimes begin with an auction. Each team has a limited budget to buy about fifteen players from a universe of about three hundred resulting in a virtual infinite solution space. RoboCoach searches that solution space in a matter of seconds and identifies the optimal combination of players per the budget constraint. Moreover, RoboCoach responds in real time as competitive bids change the solution space.