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NO OTHER SITE CAN DO ALL OF THIS!! However, there are a few things that Robo doesn't do:
  • Robo is artificial intelligence.
  • Robo is advanced fantasy football software.
  • Robo IS the Watson of Fantasy Football.
  • Robo is NOT a fantasy league management provider like ESPN, Yahoo! or Sportsline!! However, Robo does automatically gather your league and roster data from a league commissioner service: currently just CBS Sportsline.
  • Robo is NOT a mock draft host.
  • Robo is NOT a fantasy football journalism site. But we do have many free fantasy football strategy articles.
  • Robo is NOT a supplier of paper fantasy draft boards or plastic fantasy draft kits. (Although Robo does have an electronic draft board you can use for the same purpose--see RoboDraft).
  • Robo is NOT G o o g l e, but like Google we are about content and performance.
  • Robo IS fantasy football strategy analysis software that helps you win!
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